Why us?

With a collective experience in marketing and IT, we have been able to work with global organizations and businesses, giving our clients the full spectrum of creative and operational services. From planning and implementing digital development strategies to executing full marketing campaigns, we strive for nothing less than excellence in achieving our clients’ goals.

Underpinning what we do is a suite of successful entrepreneurs that truly understand the digital landscape and its evolution. Because of this, we think less like an agency and more like you with dedicated targets in place precisely to meet your targets.

Our vision

Creating a better digital landscape for businesses in Indonesia.

Our mission

E-commerce is a level playing field where digital marketing is the core aspect to a profitable investment for any e-commerce websites.

Small to medium businesses will feel right at home with us. Giving the nature of our philosophy is to help small and medium businesses pack a punch to compete even with the bigger players, no wonder they keep coming back to us.

Enterprises and large corporations too will find our expertise and dedication valuable for their needs to meet their KPIs. We’re Chubby and we know what you need!